Vagina on strike (Rosemary)

My vagina was satisfactory till I reached about 45. Then it went on strike! Sex became impossible due to pain on penetration. Tampon/finger – OK. Speculum/penis – excruciating. The relationship ended – I had hidden my pain but maybe lack of enthusiasm helped end it. Since then I have not sought another partner. I have been seen by a gynaecologist – nothing wrong…

Then endometrial cancer – a quick op got it all out. But then I needed to have plenty of check-ups! I have learnt to ask for the ‘virginal speculum’. I have learnt to ask that they press down, not up. I wrote a letter of praise to one lady oncologist who actually did NOT hurt me during the check up.

Five years on, no further checks – but now the whole vulval area is intolerably itchy. Wake-up-in-the night itchy. Lidocaine 5% ointment is my pal.

I am debating asking for medical advice – can I face more check-ups?