The Angry Vagina Project exists to collect and celebrate stories of living with “angry” vaginas (a term sometimes used by others and that we consider to be pathologising, blaming and derogatory – we’re reclaiming it). Vaginas that have become infected. Vaginas that have itched, burned or bruised. Vaginas that have bled when they weren’t intended to. Vaginas that have produced discharge that wasn’t healthy. Vaginas that have grown warts. Vaginas that have grown tumours. Vaginas with skin conditions. Vaginas that have torn. Vaginas that have prolapsed. Vaginas that have had surgery. Vaginas that have found it difficult to relax. Vaginas that have contracted sexually transmitted infections. Vaginas that have caused pain or discomfort.

Angry vaginas.

We are often told our vaginas are inadequate: too big, too small, too dark, too light, too hairy, too hairless, too asymmetrical, too untidy…the list is endless. As if this wasn’t enough, our bodies can be further degraded through the often cold and intrusive nature of interventions designed to alleviate vaginal pain and discomfort. We regularly sit back and spread ’em, in often humiliating and painful (emotionally and physically) circumstances.

Rarely do we share these stories in a public forum.

This project seeks to give voice to our experiences and, in doing so, to promote gender equality, combat body shaming, and encourage healthy relationships with vaginas. If you have an angry vagina story, then we want to hear it. All stories are welcome. No matter how ‘small’ or ‘large’ or ‘ugly’ the difficulty, tell us about it. Let us cry with you, laugh with you, and most of all, let us hear you.


The header image is taken from “The Great Wall of Vagina” by Jamie McCartney and is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist